Peacekeeping Operations R Us! (pindar) wrote in a_cappella,
Peacekeeping Operations R Us!

Shamelessly plugging a singer's Bulletin Board!

Last week the London Choral Studio started up a Bulletin Board on it's website. As well as a means of communicating with the choir (rehearsal info etc) there are also a number of public forums for general music interest. It's mostly aimed at choral music, but not restricted just to that.


I want you all to

1. Register and use the boards. The more traffic there is on the board and the better the "community" becomes. Over time I hope it develops a broad base readership and becomes somewhere you can discuss singnig.

2. Spread the word on your friends journals and get them to sign up and use it. Many of you on my friends list have sniging as noe of your interests, and a few of you are members of choirs of various types and styles. Some of you even like "opera" (whatever that's all about?), and yes, there's even a warm welcome to you too!

Let me know in reply when you have registered so I can stop hassling you!

The URL is:

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